Saving with SmartMiles

Up to 10% student Discount!


Welcome to Hastings Direct SmartMiles, the insurance policy that’s designed to offer excellent savings for drivers who are safe behind the wheel.

The easy way to save with SmartMiles:

  • Drive less than 15,000 miles during the year  Mileage calculator
  • Show us that you are a safer driver and save even more when it comes to renewing your policy.
  • Safe drivers don’t speed excessively, brake and accelerate erratically and mostly drive during the day (between 5am and 10pm).
  • Keep track of your driving performance using your personalised online dashboard. We’ll generate an individual Smartmiles Driver Rating score to help you monitor your progress.

To ensure we, our insurer and credit provider have the necessary facts to assess your insurance risk, verify your identity, to help prevent fraud and to provide you with the most competitive premium and payment options, we, our insurer and credit provider may obtain information from third parties at quotation and renewal and in certain circumstances where policy amendments are required.This includes a quotation search from a credit reference agency. This “soft footprint” search will appear on your credit report but will not be visible to other credit providers.

In addition, if you are opting to pay by instalments, our funding agency Close Brothers Limited trading as Close Brothers Premium Finance will use credit referencing agencies for a hard credit check for new policies and renewals. As this is a hard credit check, your entire credit history will be searched and a mark will be left on your credit report, so whenever prospective lenders look at your credit report they can see you applied for credit and whether you were accepted. This check will take place after you have applied for a credit agreement.

Information about the ways in which the credit reference agencies use and share personal information are explained in more detail on the Credit Reference Agency Information Notice.

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